Planetscentral: VGA Planets klassisch spielen mit PHost

Aktuell werden Spieler gesucht, die PHost/PList mögen:

Vorteil ist bei dieeser “klassischen” Planets-Version, das man mit
allen bekannten Tools wie EchoView, VPA, PCC, Winplan spielen kann.

Anyone still bored after the winter? Plagued by hay fever and better
stay inside? Started to commute by bike again, and need something to
relax in the evenings? PlanetsCentral has three games to offer:

“Phoenix”, PHost and PList 2.4. Fun for everyone:

“Pleiades”, PHost and PList 3 (harder to pronounce, harder to play): for
experienced players. Two spaces still open:

“Titan”, the classic EchoCluster setup, approximated as good as possible
using PHost. Celebrate VGA Planets’ 20th anniversary with this game:

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  4. Juniper’ Guide to the Fascists > junipers-guide-to-fascists
  5. Classic Privateer Tactics > classic-privateer-tactics
  6. Cutter’s Guide to the Cyborg > cutters-guide-to-the-cyborg
  7. Glittering Webs > glittering-webs
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  9. The Cylon Imperium (Robots) > the-cylon-imperium-robots
  10. The Rebel’s Handbook > the-rebels-handbook
  11. Guide to the Colonies of Man > guide-to-the-colonies-of-man
YEAR: 0047 – 6th year of the Reign of Emork

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