Mach mit: Battle for the Cumo Sector ( 0047 – ? )

So Leute, es sind noch Plätze frei, ein Giant Melee auf 100 turns begrenzt! Mit fliegenden Start, also wer später einsteigt bekommt extra Schiffe, also keine Nachteile. Mit FoF!!!

Battle Id: 121372

Created: 11/23/2014 9:03:19 PM

This is a giant melee. Up to 30 commanders may join. Starting positions may be very close together. This battle has a running start. The battle begins when the first player joins. Commanders joining on later turns will get additional planets and ships to compensate the start time. This battle has the kill race option. If you resign, your ships and starbases will be destroyed. You will not be able to rejoin.

Fight or Fail! You must control a minimum of 5 planets after turn 30 to stay alive in this game.

Production Queue! This game uses the production queue system. Starbases will build in random order and ships can be built using priority points at any time (soft ship limit).